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M+M Has designed a solution to your problem with the redesigned Magazine Release Lever Kit! The improved Magazine Release Lever is: self-adjusting for a secure fit of any AK-spec magazine; compatible with any AKM platform rifle; easy to install; significantly improves reliability of magazine feed and release . Instructions The enhanced magazine release has extended latches and also assists with the dropping of magazines. Can be used in the standard AK fashion, or by using your index finger to push the magazine release lever extension located under the trigger guard. This kit allows for 2 installation options: single tab & dual tab. M + M, Inc.’s AK Magazine Release Lever is a solution to the magazine wobble that provides an easy fix. The AK Magazine Release Lever helps by: Incorporating a flat surface many times larger than the single metal edge contact point of the previous designs RAM Speed Catch - Extended Magazine Release for all AK47/74 including Saiga/VEPR. The RAM Speed Catch is a direct replacement for the standard magazine catch on AK-47 style firearms.

Ak mag release

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Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed. Product Description. This magazine catch is a direct replacement of the original PolyTech part installed on AK47 rifles manufactured in the early 80's and imported  Product Overview. This ambidextrous magazine release significantly reduces the time it takes to change an AK-47's magazine by enlarging the release lever on  Command Arms AKMR AK47/74 Magazine release Extension attaches securely to existing AK mag release with 2 set screws for 1 finger magazine removal.

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NEW VERSION ALERT! v2 of this extension has slightly different geometry with smooth edges and 4 holes designed for 1.75mm filament to be used as retaining pins to make this mod more combat ready it's extremely sturdy from my initial testing. v1 Note: Make sure to The existing latch/release mechanism on AK rifles is typically riveted in place at the factory.

Ak mag release

COMMAND ARMS ACC AK-47 AK47 Extended Magazine

Fits for both – left/right handed users. No gunsmith required • Mill-standard • Warranty: 10 years. Eligibility. For. AK47 Mag Release tool with finger-friendly indent and support clips. Should be fairly universal (this is a Century Arms RAS47).

Ak mag release

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**Above price are included worldwide Shipping Fee** Home > AK PARTS AND ACCESSORIES > MAGAZINE CATCH SPRING.

Magpul PMAG. The Magpul brand AK magazines are the best American attempt at creating AK magazines as far as I’m concerned. Discontinued: Matador Arms SKS Extended Mag Release (Aluminum) Turn your SKS into a tactical rifle. Reload Faster, Reload Easier.
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MagLatch is the first and only solution to make AK patterned firearms California Compliant without losing features. Manufacturing premium quality compliance kits for ban states to convert your existing rifle or making your new purchase compliant. Inventors of the F.N.G.R.

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Jason. Location: NC. Date: February 18, 2021. This is an exact replacement part for the magazine catch lever, spring, and pin. I had damaged the mag catch on my rifle, and I had this part installed by a professional gunsmith. Dublin AK Systems MARS. Mechanical Advantage Release System (MARS) Designed with speed and efficiency in mind, The MARS allows the operator to quickly release the magazine on a Kalashnikov. Direct replacement for the standard magazine catch on AK-47style firearms has a larger contact surface that gives you more leverage for fast, positive mag release.

Many AK owners do not have riveting tools. The rivet serves not only to retain the latch/release lever mechanism in place, but also as it's pivot point. AK47 Mag Release tool with finger-friendly indent and support clips. Should be fairly universal (this is a Century Arms RAS47). NEW VERSION ALERT!